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Packaging made from biologically degradable plastics is a future market with tremendous growth potential. As one of the leading companies in the area of flexible plastic packaging, we can reflect on many years of work with alternative polymers and additives, and therefore provide you with part of the future today: Biopac. This name represents a growing product range of high-quality products made from biologically degradable PLA, polylactic acid / maize starch, acc. DIN EN 13432. However, in comparison to conventional PLA raw materials, we use a modified variation which features a heat resistance of 80 °C, and therefore is eminently suitability for use in the area of snack vending. An ecologically beneficial and intelligent alternative to packaging made from traditional plastics. Furthermore,this product is 100 % biologically degradable within a few days in industrial composting plants.

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Suppenschale 409Soup bowl500 cc
Teller 400Ready meal plate
Imbissschale 422Snack tray300 cc


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Dincertco 7P0556
Dincertco 7P0559

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