Midgard Bio-Ware

Packaging made from biodegradable plastics is a market of the future, with great growth potential. As a leading company in the sustainable production of flexible plastic packaging, we have many years’ experience in working with alternative polymers and additives, and can bring you a piece of the future right now: Midgard Bio-Ware – our new brand for compostable packaging. Behind the brand is a growing range of high-quality products made from DIN EN 13432-compatible biodegradable PLA/C-PLA, based on polylactic acid. In the area of soup tureens, we are also introducing a modified version that is heat-resistant to 80°C, making it extremely suitable for use in the snack food landscape. An ecologically beneficial and intelligent alternative to traditional plastics, and 100% biodegradable in industrial composting within just a few days too.

Suppenterrine 500cc C-PLASoup terrine500 cc


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Dincertco 7P0556
Dincertco 7P0559

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