Lunch Reusable bowl

The new reware® Lunch reusable tray is optimally designed for the safe and convenient transport of cold and hot food. Undivided, 2- or 3-sectioned as well as with a transparent lid, the robust tray offers all possibilities for delicious menu compositions and is the perfect take-away choice for e.g. meals on wheels, canteens, lunch counters but also restaurants. Easy to take away and enjoy directly. Dishwasher safe, reware® Lunch is the perfect addition to your reusable range. The new reware® lunch reusable bowl – it’s your return now.

  • Reusable packaging / Mono-PP 
  • excellent for take-away 
  • ideal for hot and cold dishesavailable 
  • undivided, 2- and 3-divided 
  • 227 measure / 45 model 
  • dishwasher safe 
  • microwaveable 
  • break and cut resistant 
  • absolutely stable - individually and stacked 
  • contains internal R-PP recycled material according to our made-to-reuse philosophy 
  • incl. reusable lid (transparent)

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