MAP trays
Fantastic atmosphere

We serve the high-growth sector of chilled food with our high-quality MAP packaging concepts (MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging), and are therefore very much in line with this trend. Our MAP trays fulfil the highest demands of our customers and verifiably ensure optimum functionality in automated filling thanks to their patented ribbed structure. Besides standard sizes, we fulfil every wish for individual shape, colour and finishing – competently, flexibly, quickly.

RecyclableR-PP 50+ MAP-Schalen

Higher performance for more reliability

As a reliable and strong partner of the food industry, we can perform a lot of different services. So that you know how much performance capability you can expect from us, we have developed this HSTQ-MAP CONCEPT. This is a compact performance portfolio which can verifiably only be provided in its entirety by Pro-Pac. With the HSTQ-MAP CONCEPT, we provide you with the performance and security which will convince you of our proficiency.


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Jan Henrik Krebsfänger

Jan Henrik Krebsfänger
Sales Manager

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