Freshness needs

Thomas Hantel: Continuity in person

The mission and concern of Pro - Pac is the packaging, protection and presentation of fresh food. As a manufacturer of flexible plastic packaging made from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PET) and acc. DIN EN 13432 biologically degradable polylactic acid / maize starch (PLA), we develop sophisticated products in various segments in the field of food packaging. We consider ourselves as a freshness guarantor; as a trustworthy and reliable partner for trade and industry. In accordance with a One-Stop-Shop philosophy, we cover the entire process chain for you, from development, via production, high-quality finishing, maximally efficient packaging, right up to transportation - all centrally controlled and from a single source.

Freshness starts here!

Our slogan »Hier fängt die Frische an!« (Freshness starts here) describes our core actions, and is considered as a promise and added value for our customers. Communicating and maintaining the freshness of the food in the packaging are essential criteria for the purchasing decisions of consumers. In this context, we develop optimum, individualised solutions with our customers for a perfect and successful food presentation. Simultaneously, »Hier fängt die Frische an!« also stands for our daily motivation and challenge to continually become better, to optimise our products, to venture along new paths and to inspire our customers with refreshing concepts.

Milestones of our success story


1 year after "zero hour"

In the second year of the beginnings of the "history" of Pro–Pac, the highly professional processing of plastics was still in its infancy. A learning process started which was to be rewarded with increasing success in the years to follow.


Further development steps

New markets necessitate additional extensions and conversions in order to meet developing needs.


Expansion in view

Our focus is now on spatial expansion - for rapidly growing sales markets. Options for future developments are taken into consideration.


Entry into MAP production

With the opening of Plant II marks the start of the production of MAP products for the meat and poultry industry. A new market with great potential for a successful establishment in the Pro-Pac production family.


Plant III + RFID

The next step in the direction of capacity expansion is implemented with Production Plant III. With a new 5,000 m² main warehouse, the new "RFID Technology" era begins at Pro–Pac, which revolutionises the logistics processes and sequences from then on.


Planning for Plant IV – main warehouse expansion

Further development steps start to take shape as a result of the planning for the Production Plant IV, opened in 2011, and the doubling of the RFID-controlled main warehouse area to more than 10,000 m² of floor space.


Main warehouse expansion

The subsequent development steps of the company are secured thanks to the expansion of the RFID-controlled main warehouse to 20,000 m² floor space.


Office building

With the completion of the new office building at our production site, all prerequisites are created for continued professional and customer-orientated supervision. Furthermore, our new premises convey great perspectives for the future.


New warehouse technology

A new form of warehouse technology enables the accommodation of the smallest machine parts, labels and consumables within a small area. Innovative solutions with visual sophistication.

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