Freshness needs

Safety at all levels

Our quality label »Geprüfte Qualität - Made in Germany« (Certified quality - Made in Germany) is an expression of guaranteed, excellent goods quality under production conditions which comply with the most stringent hygiene standards in the branch.

Freshness verification

Thanks to our company-internal Quality Management, we are able to gaplessly and transparently depict all processes within a production chain. As a result, any discrepancies are recognised at an early stage and accurately located. Furthermore, every batch of a production sequence undergoes an intensive test routine. The goods are only transferred for dispatch after approval by the laboratory.

RFID technology / traceability

Thanks to retention samples in connection with comprehensive production data, we can depict, analyse and trace the complete procedure of every order, right down to the granulate. In turn, the enormously high performance capabilities of the RFID technology come into effect and indicate once again the technological and qualitative aspirations of the company.

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