ripboxx® MEAL's
Take it easy, take away

The new ripboxx® MEAL’s octagon bowl is optimally designed for safe transportation, convenient storage and limited preparation of hot and cold food. At the same time, due to the intelligent shape of the base, it always remains absolutely stable - individually and stacked. Even on the table, the ripboxx® MEAL’s simply makes a great impression. The attached lid can be easily separated. This immediately creates the space you need and allows you to serve a variety of food in a confined space. Of course, the innovativ menu bowl can be safely closed again at any time using the removed lid. The new ripboxx® MEAL’s – take it easy, take away.

  • ideal for hot and cold food
  • available in undivided, 2- and 3-compartment
  • perfect for transportation, storage and limited food preparation
  • microwaveable
  • perfect for take-away food
  • ripboxx feature: lid easy to detach
  • absolutely stable - individually and stacked
  • securely re-sealable
  • with venting hole
  • contains R-PP recycling material according to our made-to-reuse-philosophy

Ripboxx MEAL'sRecyclableR-PP 50+ Feinkost

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